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Market analysis of steel sheet

2018-05-17 14:41:18

Today, the market of hot rolled up 31%, 8% down, 69% stable, the cold rolling market 3% rise, 6% down, 91% stable. Today, the plate market overall small increase. The hot rolled coil Market opened steadily in

 Shandong. In the afternoon, East China's Southern China increased by 20-30 yuan / ton, and the East China market was better than the futures market. The opening of the northern market of medium and thick

 plates is weak, the Tangshan region falls 10 yuan / ton, but with the expansion of the billet, the market price increases with the rise of the market. The price of the market is 20 yuan per ton, and the market price

 is 20 yuan per ton. The market price of the other markets is strong; the mainstream of the South market is stable, the market and the steel plant are in general, but due to the futures and the North trend Strong,

 some steel mills have up and up up-regulation. Cold rolled coil, Tianjin rose 30 yuan / ton in the afternoon, and the turnover in some individual markets was better. The color coated zinc market has risen by 10-20

 yuan / ton, the price is slightly higher, and the turnover is weaker. Especially in the morning, the futures performance is not good, the merchant mentality is unstable; the Boxing base price quotation is rising by 20 

yuan / ton, the market spot is less, and the East China Sea resources are better in the afternoon. To sum up, the market bullish mentality is still positive, with strong sentiment, short term prices are strong and