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The week Steel News

2018-05-12 8:57:47

Today's hot rolling market in the market rose 10-30 yuan / ton, market feedback after the afternoon rose again, the deal is not optimistic. In the production of steel plant, the total capacity of the 5 steel

plants in the 5 steel plants in the Handan region is 20. This week, the total volume of the blast furnace is 27910m. The volume start rate of this week is 79.50%, which is 10.88% higher than that of last week. 

The daily output of one steel plant increased by 1000 tons / day, and the overall supply of Hebei remained at a high level. The recent phase of the futures rebound, but the lack of continuity, the short term hot 

coil is expected to continue to rebound in space is limited.

Today's futures rebound to boost the spot market mentality, the overall market rhythm is faster than yesterday, but the shortage of resource specifications is obvious, the impact of partial shipment demand, part

of the market up 20-40 yuan / ton. Because of the strong market atmosphere, the steel plant re mobilized the enthusiasm of the market purchase again, the purchase volume increased 50%-60% compared with

yesterday, and the short-term market market price shock is stronger than the supply support.

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